My Wooden Airplane
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5/19/2009 - 5/23/2009

Stabilizer Brackets, Rib Lightening Holes

I finished the stablizer support cable attachment brackets.

Since I was using 1.5 mm plywood for the Stabilizer Ribs when the plans called for 1.0 mm,
I decided to add some lightening holes. I used the same layout as the rudder, i.e. the hole
diameter is 1/2 the rib width, and the hole spacing is equal to the rib width.

Since I didn't do this when making the ribs, I had to do it the hard way.
I made a cardboard template of one of the ribs, then cut the holes out of the template,
then traced the holes from the template onto each of the stabilizer ribs.

Total Time: 13.5 hrs.