My Wooden Airplane
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Stab Attachment Blocks

I cut, fit, and glued the stabilizer attachment blocks.

The FAA says I need to document the building process, especially any deviations from the plans. Well, this is my first intentional deviation. The plans specify that the rear stabilizer spar be attached to the fuselage at one point, in the middle. (The elevator horn is offset to the right to clear this attachment point.) I decided to attach the rear stabilizer spar in two places, and allow the elevator horn to be in the middle. We'll see how it works out.

Update: It turned out great, but it definitely would have been easier to drill the holes in the blocks first (on a drill press), before gluing them to the spar. Then, all I would have had to do was to continue the hole through the plywood sheeting as it was applied to each side.

Total Time: 2.0 hrs.