My Wooden Airplane
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3/28/2009 - 3/29/2009

Started Elevator Spar

I decided to build the Stab and Elevator spars a little bit differently than the Fin and Rudder spars. The dimensions still match the plans of course, but instead of scarfing the plywood webbing first, than applying the cap strips, I decided to build the spar "frame" first. Then I will attach the plywood webbing. That's one of the problems with this set of plans. There's a drawing consisting of the various parts and pieces (and dimensions), but very little in the way of "do this first, then this second", etc. to help the builder. We'll see how this way turns out.

That long piece of wood on the right in the picture (screwed to the table)
is a fence to make sure everything stays straight while gluing.

Total Time: 6.5 hrs.