My Wooden Airplane
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1/18/2016 - 2/11/2016

Paint Left Wing

The left wing went pretty much the same as the right. When masking the underside, I let the painted edge curve around the bottom more than when I did the right wing. I was hoping this would eliminate the gray "stripe" I got when painting the right wing. Instead, it just moveed it further back along the underside, so I had to re-mask and re-spray the edges again. I guess the correct way to paint the wing is to paint both sides the same color before moving to the next color. In other words, paint both sides with the gray filler, then both sides with the white primer, then both sides with the top coat, rather than trying to do everything to one side, flipping it over once, then doing everything all over again to the other side.

Unfortunately, you'll have to take my word for all this, because
I forgot to take a picture of the left wing after it was all painted.

Total Time: 52.0 hrs.