My Wooden Airplane
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12/22/2015 - 1/17/2016

Paint Right Wing

Here is the right wing painted. I painted the bottom first, followed by the top. I made a mistake with the masking, however. After painting the bottom, I masked along the edges, flipped it over, and painted the top. Unfortunately, when painting the top I didn't spray enough color along the edges (up to the masking, which was underneath the wing at this point and hard to see), so when I flipped the wing back over again and removed the masking, there was a gray "stripe" along the leading edge and wing tip where not enough color was sprayed. So, I had to re-mask and repaint the leading edge and wing tip. It came out okay, but I will try a slightly different masking technique when I paint the left wing next.

Total Time: 63.25 hrs.