My Wooden Airplane
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9/16/2015 - 12/14/2015

Fill, Prime, and Paint Doors and Windows

I had a strange problem with the doors. After applying the gray filler and lightly sanding, I started getting these holes all over the place. I tried filling them, but they kept coming back. I even tried stripping off the fabric and starting over again, but they still came back.

It turns out that the problem is with the surface of the door below the fabric. Since it is not completely flat (it has some waves in it, creating a slight gap between the surface and the fabric in some areas), the filler soaks through the fabric and forms these sort of "bridges" between the fabric and the surface. They're actually more like little mountains of filler sticking up from the surface, just coming into contact with the bottom of the fabric. So when I tried to sand the fabric (including any filler that I may have applied), the "mountains" caused the fabric to stick up slightly in those areas, and that's what got sanded first, thereby creating the holes. I was hoping to use the fabric to cover the various waves and other imperfections in the surface, but when I talked to the factory, they told me that's not how their product is designed to be used. I ended up stripping off the fabric (again), but leaving the pinked tapes, hopefully creating the illusion of a fabric-covered door.

Here are the doors and windows after being filled and primed...

...and again after being painted. I think they came out pretty well! Since I was able to paint everything horizontally, there were no runs or drips or sags in the paint.

Total Time: 45.25 hrs.