My Wooden Airplane
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5/27/2015 - 6/25/2015

Cover Left Wing

I was hoping the left wing would go a little more quickly than the right one, and I guess in terms of hours spent, it did. However, it still took almost an entire month!

One of the things that takes a long time is cleaning up the edges of the glue. I realize it's kind of hard to see here, but outside the edges of the tape is some glue "overrun". If you were to run your fingers over it, you'd definitely feel it, and I'm concerned that it would show through the paint. (Not the color, but the rough edges.) So, to make it look nicer, I used the old "gum eraser" trick for removing spilled drops and applied it to the glue overruns. This is a "before" and "after" comparison, and again, I realize that it might be hard to see, but if you run your finger over it, you can definitely feel the difference. I'm hoping this will result in a much cleaner looking finish, but it sure adds to the time spent covering!

And speaking of adding time, I was actually finished with the wing three days ago. But when I was hoisting it up to the ceiling, it got caught on the drill press, and I ended up snapping a rib trying to get it free. So, I got to lower the wing back down again and cut a hole in my nice new, pristine covering job. I repaired the broken rib, applied a fabric patch, replaced a couple of rib stitches, and applied more finishing tape (complete with gum-eraser edge cleaning). The whole repair took 5 hours total (not including the time it took for the epoxy to dry), and I now have experience in how to make a fabric repair! Other than the pinked edges of the fabric patch itself, I think this repair will be very hard to see once the wing has been painted.

Total Time: 86.75 hrs.