My Wooden Airplane
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4/19/2015 - 4/24/2015

Cover Doors

I decided to cover the doors, even though there's no open framework. My reasoning (however faulty it may be) was that I wanted the finish on the doors to match that of the rest of the fuselage. There's an Aeronca Champ in the hangar across from the one I plan to move into that has the fuselage covered in fabric, but the doors are skinned with aluminum, and the two surfaces look completely different, even after being painted. It's possible that the owner just didn't apply the finish correctly, but until I actually get to that point, I won't know for certain. Also, I was able to use the leftover scrap from the ailerons, so no "extra" fabric was used.

I've also refined my technique for applying the finishing tapes. On the areas of fabric that are going to be covered with finishing tape, rather then wiping off the second layer of glue, letting it dry, then applying a third layer, I just let that second layer of glue dry. So my technique at the moment is to apply an initial layer of glue to the surface to be covered, and let it dry. Then, lay the fabric over that, pressing it into place so that it "self-clamps". Next, I go over the entire area with an iron to "heat-seal" the fabric to the dried glue. Then, I apply more glue (thinned out slightly) over the fabric so that it soaks through and contacts the dried layer below. If there's not going to be any finishing tape over the joint, then I wipe away the excess glue like they show on the videos. If there is going to be finishing tape, then I leave the second layer of glue alone, and let it dry. Then I apply the finishing tape in the same manner. (Lay it over the dried glue, press it down, heat-seal it, apply more glue, let it soak through, and wipe away the excess.) It seems to be producing consistent results, anyway.

Total Time: 19.0 hrs.