My Wooden Airplane
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11/13/2014 - 11/21/2014

Disassemble Airplane

In preparation for covering, it was necessary to completely disassemble the aircraft so that it could be sealed and varnished. Since the plane turned out to be so heavy, I decided to take the opportunity to weigh all the individual components to see if I could see where all the extra weight came from. Unfortunately, nothing stood out as the obvious culprit.

Here's what I found:

Wings (with ailerons, cables and hardware, but without covering) 65 lbs each
Wing Struts (both Main and Jury Struts) 13.5 lbs each
Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator (with Trim Tab and Servo) 20 lbs
Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder 11 lbs
Propeller 6 lbs
Spinner and Propeller Bolts 4.5 lbs
Airbox and Filter 2 lbs
Tail Braces 4 lbs
Engine (with most accessories, such as starter, alternator, carburetor, intake & exhaust manifolds, baffles, spark plugs & wires, distributor and 4 quarts of oil) 251 lbs
Oil Cooler and Mount 3 lbs
Motor Mount 13 lbs
Nose Gear (Strut, Truck, and Wheel) 19 lbs
Ignition Coils 2 lbs each
Oil Pressure Manifold 1 lb
Firewall Forward Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, and Brackets) 11.5 lbs
Stainless Steel Firewall 6 lbs
Shock Struts 4 lbs each
Main Gear Legs (with Wheels and Brakes) 20 lbs each
Landing Gear Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, and Brackets) 8 lbs
Doors (with Windows) 7 lbs each
Front Center Console (with Drink Holder) 3.5 lbs
Seat Belts 8 lbs total
Seat Belt Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, and Brackets) 2.5 lbs
Seats 10 lbs each
Seat Hardware 2 lbs
Rear Center Console 1 lb
Fuel Tank 12.5 lbs
Fuel Tank Hardware (Nuts, Bolts and Brackets) 4 lbs
Flight Controls (Control Sticks, Rudder Pedals) 12 lbs
Control Cables (Rudder and Elevator) 2.5 lbs
Wing Attach Hardware 3 lbs
Rear Windows 1 lb each
Battery 14 lbs
Battery Hardware (Including ELT and Tail Hardware) 3 lbs
Windshield 7 lbs
Windshield Hardware 1.5 lbs
Radios 8 lbs total
Electrical Misc 7.5 lbs
Panel Wires and Cables 3 lbs
Panel (with Switches) 2 lbs
ELT Antenna Ground Plane 2 lbs
Fuselage 191 lbs
Total 920.5 lbs

The advertised empty weight was supposed to be 650 lbs. I knew that mine would be approximately 100 lbs heavier, since I was using Douglas Fir instead of Sitka Spruce, and I was incorporating a nose wheel instead of a tail wheel, and I was using a known heavy engine, but I wasn't expecting it to be almost 300 lbs heavier! Since there's no obvious way to reduce the empty weight (other than to scrap the engine and spend $20,000 on a Rotax 912 or something similar), I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point.

For all those interested in how much a Corvair engine actually weighs,
here's a picture of it hanging from a scale.

Total Time: 17.0 hrs.