My Wooden Airplane
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4/28/2012 - 4/29/2012

Ailerons, Part 2

Here is the front side of the pass-through / bellcrank. The bottom cables go to each of the bottom aileron control horns. The top cables go to the top aileron control horns. The small pulleys are necessary in order for the cables clear the rear spar attachment brackets.

Of course, in order to make sure that I made the aileron cables the correct lengths, I had to attach both wings simultaneously. Since there's no way it would have fit in the garage this way, I had to roll it out into the driveway. I guess there's no more keeping this project a secret from the neighbors! (By the way, that box on the motor mount contains the cylinder heads for my engine. The next task is to begin engine assembly!)

Total Time: 9.0 hrs.