My Wooden Airplane
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4/17/2012 - 4/27/2012

Ailerons, Part 1

Here's how I decided to implement the aileron linkage. This is a view of the bottom of
the co-pilot's control stick. The pulley is mounted to the fuselage using
one of the landing gear bracket attachment bolts.

From the first pulley, the cable runs back through the fuselage cross pieces
to a second pulley below the baggage compartment floor.

From the second pulley, the cable runs up the back of the cabin to a third pulley
at the top of the baggage compartment. This third pulley is mounted using
one of the rear spar bracket attachment bolts.

From there, it goes to this combination pass-through / bellcrank device. The pass-through
is because the aileron cables from the wing are forward of bulkhead #3, inside the passenger compartment. The bellcrank allows me to play with the aileron throws, adjusting the geometry so that I get full aileron travel with comfortable movement of the control stick.

Total Time: 27.0 hrs.