My Wooden Airplane
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11/5/2011 - 11/17/2011

Rudder Pedal Tweaking

I was playing with the rudder pedals and decided that they needed some tweaking. After adding the rudder stops, I felt that the pedals had too much travel, so I made a new (shorter) rudder horn. I also felt that the brake pedals were a little bit too "vertical", so I shortened the forks that connect the pedals to the master cylinders to lower their angle. This caused the nut that attaches the fork to the master cylinder to get hung up on the back of the brake pedal, so I had to cut some holes in the bottom of the pedals for the nuts to clear. I then cut some matching holes in the upper part of the brake pedals to make them look more "balanced".

Finally, I reamed out some 1/2-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe to fit nicely over the 5/8-inch rudder pedals. This is what keeps the brake pedals from sliding all over the place.

Total Time: 8.0 hrs.