My Wooden Airplane
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10/7/2011 - 10/31/2011

Rudder Cables

After waiting an eternity for the AN115-21 cable shackles to arrive, I was finally able to
install the rudder cables. I think I will need some stronger return springs, since these ones
are barely capable of hefting the weight of the cable.

As mentioned previously, the cables run down the center of the fuselage, rather than down the sides. There will be a "tunnel" enclosing and protecting the cables when it is done.

At the aft end of the fuselage, when attaching the cables to the rudder, I noticed that the cables were pulling "down" as well as forward. This is because of the angle between the pullies at the aft end of the baggage compartment and the rudder horns. I needed to add this platform for mounting some additional pullies to get the cable angle correct. Now I just need to add some rudder stops to keep the rudder from turning too much.

Total Time: 17.0 hrs.