My Wooden Airplane
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10/16/2011 - 10/24/2011

Rudder Pedal Extensions

While figuring out the route that the rudder cables are going to take, I noticed that the rudder horns were 4 inches long each, not 3 inches like I originally thought. That meant I had to extend the tangs in the center of the rudder pedal assembly by an inch in order to keep the throws correct. While I was at it, I decided to make the passenger rudder pedals removable. Also, I made the passenger pedals taller than the pilot's pedals, since there will be no brakes on the passenger side. This required some fancy calculations so that both sets of rudder pedals were centered at the same time. Since one set is longer than the other, they had to be welded at different angles in order to come out straight (even though they don't look straight in this picture). Finally, I used an adjustable reamer to open up the holes slightly in the Delrin mounting blocks so that there is much less friction in the system now.

Total Time: 19.5 hrs.