My Wooden Airplane
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9/21/2011 - 9/27/2011

Control Stick Stubs

Here are the "stubs" that the control sticks will mount to. The plans say to put a little tab about 3 inches above the pivot point for the aileron cables, but since my pivot point is just about even with the floor, I thought that would be too high, and would require a large cover to make sure nothing interferes with their movement. So, I decided to have my aileron cables attach to a point about 3 inches below the pivot point instead. I'll obviously have to reverse the aileron cable routing, but in addition to being much cleaner, this method will give me a better place to mount the first set of pulleys. The pulleys are supposed to be mounted to the inside of the fuselage, lined up with the control sticks, and are what change the cable direction from "left-and-right" to "fore-and-aft". The problem with mounting them above the floor is that there are no convenient mounting blocks between the plywood skins of the fuselage side. Mounting them beneath the floor gives me a chance to mount support blocks to the floor "joists". I'll be sure to post pictures of it when the time comes.

Total Time: 16.5 hrs.