My Wooden Airplane
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8/10/2011 - 8/17/2011

Brake and Rudder Pedals, Take 2

Okay, so here is version two (actually, more like version four). I've lowered the rudder pedals by three inches. This required that I make some "forks" to go over the master cylinders
in order to be able to connect them to the brake pedals in their original locations. I also
moved the master cylinders to the center of each pedal, and added another "ear"
to each brake pedal to distribute the load more evenly.

Now I can comfortably activate each brake pedal, even with the rudder pedal fully
deflected. I may need to extend those lugs in the center to give more rudder travel,
but we'll see how that works out when I hook up the rudder itself. And of course
now that the work is done, I realize that since there won't be any brake pedals on the passenger side, I probably should have left those rudder pedals at their original height,
in order to be more comfortable for the passenger.

Total Time: 20.5 hrs.