My Wooden Airplane
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Mount Brake Pedals

And here's where I ran into the first real problem with the brake pedals. Oh, they work just fine. I mounted them so that master cylinders are parallel with the vertical bars of the rudder pedals, and also the bottoms of the "ears" are parallel with the fuselage floor. This creates a perfect parallelogram and allows the brake pedals to stay at a constant angle throughout the full travel of the rudder pedals. The problem is they are too tall! While the rudder pedals seem to be at the perfect height, I'll need to raise my foot several inches up off the floor to activate the brakes. This is both awkward and uncomfortable. But it gets worse!

Right now, the bottom of the "ear" is at the same height as the top of the master cylinder. This is how Matco (the manufacturer) recommends they be installed in order to have a 2.5:1 mechanical advantage between the brake pedal and the "ear". I can't make the master cylinder any shorter, and if I lower the brake pedal by a couple of inches, I'd have to raise the bottom of the "ear" by the same amount in order to connect to the top of the master cylinder. But then I'd lose some of the mechanical advantage. According to the manufacturer's documentation, it looks like I'm going to have to make some sort of fork or yolk that goes around the master cylinder and brings the connection point back down to the bottom of the "ear" in order to maintain the recommended mechanical advantage.

Total Time: 1.0 hrs.